Owen Benson directing Hangman's Waltz

me directing Chris Constantine for Hangman’s Waltz before shooting a close up

I am a photographer, videographer and cinematographer based in Street, Somerset.

I began with theatre photography because this tied into my interest in acting, writing and directing. With the arrival of the Canon 5D Mark II and its astonishing full HD video (way back in 2009), I was finally able to move into making short films and music videos with the film-look that I wanted. I now do as much video work as photographic, for events such as the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, all sorts of musicians, short documentaries, and films (as Director of Photography and/or Camera Operator).

I do video work as a self-shooting director but I have also worked for other agencies, such as Farrows Creative, Orama, Zebrafish MediaRun Productions, and Green Buzz Agency in Washington DC, filming such diverse areas as a modern opera, Michelin-star chefs cooking, cake decoration lessons, and part of a Lynx advert. I can work with you to create anything from a talking head to writing a full narrative advert.

In 2013 I was the Lighting Cameraman on feature film “One” shot in Bristol by Reel People Films. I started 2014 as Director of Photography on feature “Oliver Rocket” which we shot in Bath and Bristol. Both these films have used my cameras, lenses, lights, etc.

I have made more than a dozen short films, with various groups: “Bearded Gnomes”, “The Loafers”, “Shunk Productions”, and as “Owen Benson Visuals”. Several of these have won awards or competitions.

I have also worked on a couple of feature films and several shorts as a stills photographer.

The cameras I own are Canon C300 (broadcast quality video/cinema camera), 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II, and 7D. I have a set of 6 cinema primes, lots of photo lenses, and I also have a large collection of lights and sound gear, so I can handle anything from a talking head video right up to a feature film.

I edit full HD video (1080p) using Adobe’s Creative Cloud tools (Premiere Pro, After Affects, etc) and can provide the finished product online, on DVDs, or Blu-ray.

For more on my photography go to my photo page, for more on my videography try my video page.

If you would like to hire me please contact me for a quote.

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