Jane Austen Festival 2016 – photos online!

The official photos from the Jane Austen Festival, Bath 2016 are now online – here are all 736 of them. I have organised them by event so you have a chance to find yourselves amongst the crowd! The 2016 Festival was a great success, despite it raining on our Promenade. Hundreds of people, gorgeous costumes, fascinating events and a musical version of Pride and Prejudice – what more could one ask for? Roll on September 2017 when we can do it all again :)

Events included: Promenade, Masked Ball, Country Dance, Silhouette cutting workshop, Austen Undone! comedy tour of Bath, and lots of dance practice. As always, if I have included a photo of you which you don’t like please let me know and I will remove it.


Regency Ball 2015 at the Guildhall, Bath

The annual Jane Austen summer Regency Ball, organised by the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, was once again a splendid success! Over 130 people attended the event, and 100 of those had been to the dance practice earlier in the day, which I’m sure paid off during the evening. Although I didn’t take any photos of the food, I can tell you that it was delicious :)

As well as the short video above, I took lots of photos of which I edited 404 and put them online for anyone to enjoy: http://owenbensonvisuals.photoshelter.com/gallery/Regency-Ball-2015/G0000zp3NFNHRZhY/C0000hJBcj4id8zo

Next up is the Jane Austen Festival itself, from 11-20 September – still tickets left for many events, if you too would like to join the Regency crowd.

Jane Austen Festival 2014 in Bath

JAF - Promenade-2770

What a week it has been! Seven days of events and it’s not over yet. It began last Saturday with the Promenade through Bath in Regency dress and I have just finished editing 421 photos (out of the nearly 1,000 which I took!) and put them online. You can find them here along with lots of other events from the Festival.

I will be uploading photos from many other events as I have time to edit them, including last night’s wonderful Masked Ball held in the Pump Rooms. But that was another 1,000 photos so it may take me another week to edit them all :)

Regency Ball 2014 at the Guildhall in Bath

Regency Ball-1026

For the last several years I have had the privilege of photographing the Regency Ball in Bath, organised by the Jane Austen Festival. It is a treat to capture all these people in their Regency costumes dancing with abandon in the Georgian splendour of the Guildhall. As a photographer there are several challenges – the light goes from predominantly daylight to all fairly dim flourescent, the dancers can move very quickly, and they fill the space. Every photo is a compromise between (just fast enough) shutter speed, (high) ISO, and (shallow) DOF. And in the middle of the evening everyone is equally lit by blue daylight on one side and green-ish/red-ish flourescent on their other side, requiring careful editing. But it’s all worth it when I get shots like the one above, showing the movement and fun to be had.

You can see the other 451 final images in my online gallery.

The Netherfield Ball at the Guildhall, Bath, June 2013

Netherfield Ball-0409As this year is the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice”, the annual Regency Ball was renamed the Netherfield Ball. It was very well attended – Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy were both there – and several hours of dancing was enjoyed by all. My photos of the event are now available online:

The official Netherfield Ball photo gallery

Enjoy the lovely costumes, dances, and expressions. And here’s to next year’s Ball!

There will also be a short video as soon as I have time to edit it! Watch this space for the link.