Interview filming in London

Back in December I was hired by Green Buzz agency in Washington DC to film interviews for an award given to architect Richard Rogers. I put together a team (me as DP, a producer/interviewer, and a 2nd Camera Op) and provided all the camera, lighting and audio gear. We filmed the interviews with Richard Rogers and Mike Davies at the Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners office, and Lucy Musgrave at her Publica office. We also shot B-roll of architectural models at Rogers’ office.

DP on promotional video for Bath Cake Company

A few weeks ago I worked as DP for Zebrafish Media on this corporate promo video for the wonderful Bath Cake Company which is run by Celia Adams who makes amazing cakes (both in taste and looks!) as well as teaching other people how to decorate cakes. We filmed one of her classes and an example wedding consultation.

Chowny Bass Guitar

One of the fun aspects of being freelance is that I never know what I’ll get asked to do next. Chowny rang me and asked if I could shoot someone playing his new bass guitar design against a white background. Of course I could, and here’s the result:

And you can’t tell that we were inside a transport container (those things on the back of lorries or container ships) repurposed as a recording studio. Not quite as much space as I would have liked but we pulled it off :) The audio you hear was recorded separately and synced to my camera audio in Premiere (very easy these days).

You can read more about the bass guitar on Chowny’s website.

Michelin Star Chefs

Back in August I shot a video for Orama, about a restaurant in Bristol run by two brothers who are Michelin Star chefs. The restaurant is called Casamia, in the Westbury-on-Trim area of Bristol, and the chefs are Jonray and Peter Sanchez.

Filming chefs is tricky – they move so quickly through the process of making a dish but it takes time to get the camera in the best place, ensure each step is captured, and so on. Luckily this restaurant had plenty of space in their development kitchen, and lots of light (its always quicker when the available light can be used).

The best bit was tasting the dishes at the end of the shoot :)