Shakespeare Live – Taming of the Shrew photos and video

Shakespeare Live put on another fine outdoor performance at Lackham college in Wiltshire. This was the fourth year I have taken photos and filmed the play for them, always tricky given our uncertain weather! Outdoor theatre is extra challenging to video because the stage can be very wide and shallow, making it difficult to get a wide shot that isn’t so wide everyone appears tiny, or a side shot that is back-of-the-head rather than over-the-shoulder, but with three cameras and a separate audio recorder I managed to capture everything fairly well. Luckily multi-camera editing is straightforward in Adobe Premiere, so I can usually edit an entire play in less than twice the length of the play (i.e. less than 4 hours for a 2 hour play).

The above photos were all taken during the dress rehearsal. When I video a play I prefer to do so during a performance because the audience reactions improve the video hugely.

Shakespeare Live – Twelfth Night

Shakespeare Live have been putting on an outdoor Shakespeare every summer for the last 23 years, all profits going to charity. Knowing the English summer weather they always provide sheltered seating for the entire audience, though the actors still get rained on occasionally! The performances take place at Lackham College which is a gorgeous backdrop.

This year they performed Twelfth Night and I was asked to provide both photos and video, both for the benefit of those involved and to help promote the group in future. I photographed both the tech and dress rehearsals on the Sunday, and videoed two performances (two cameras one night and one on the second night, to give me a wide and two close ups from the sides). It was a great production – I was still laughing at the performances even after hours of editing the video! A short trailer I made from the full video can be seen here: