Clifton High School Sixth Form Video

I do a lot of filming and some photography for Clifton High School in Bristol, the most recent being a video to promote their sixth form to potential parents and students. Filming these school videos is always a challenge because we have to work around the existing classes and student/staff availability – luckily most of the logistical problems are handled by the school’s PR department but we always have to be ready to change plans at the last minute and work around the unexpected. Filming is further complicated because there are always some students who are on the “no photo” list so I have to keep them out of my shots.

Most of my school filming is done with just a camera on a tripod, sometimes hand held. For interviews I use a battery powered LED panel setup, usually combined with daylight from windows. I capture audio either with a lapel mic or a pencil mic on a boom, whatever makes most sense in the given room and time constraints.

When possible I do the edit with the PR person because only they know all the internal needs and constraints. Even so these videos always go through multiple versions until everyone who needs to sign off is happy.

This video was presented during the school’s annual open day as well as being used on their website (as are several other videos I have created for them).