Leveret – live at Real World Studios

One of the nice aspects of working with musicians is that they always introduce me to other musicians – in this case Ben Please of “The Bookshop Band” recommended me to Sam Sweeney of folk trio “Leveret” and I got to film three songs for them while they were recording their new album at Real World Studios on Box.

They had already been recording and were set up in a circle in the Wood Room so I had to work with that and find a way to light and film them. In addition they would be playing ‘live’, i.e. the music on the videos is what they were playing not a previously recorded track. Luckily I have plenty of LED panels and fresnels so I could light each player separately and I used five cameras (one on each player, one from above and one hand held so I could pick out details of instruments and faces). I made minor changes to the lighting for each song so that the three videos wouldn’t look identical. We filmed for about 4 hours to get all three songs covered as it took a two or three takes to get each song right.

I did a multi-camera edit for each video then applied a different colour grade to each to help make them individual.