Jane Austen Festival 2016 – photos online!

The official photos from the Jane Austen Festival, Bath 2016 are now online – here are all 736 of them. I have organised them by event so you have a chance to find yourselves amongst the crowd! The 2016 Festival was a great success, despite it raining on our Promenade. Hundreds of people, gorgeous costumes, fascinating events and a musical version of Pride and Prejudice – what more could one ask for? Roll on September 2017 when we can do it all again :)

Events included: Promenade, Masked Ball, Country Dance, Silhouette cutting workshop, Austen Undone! comedy tour of Bath, and lots of dance practice. As always, if I have included a photo of you which you don’t like please let me know and I will remove it.


Jane Austen Festival 2014 in Bath

JAF - Promenade-2770

What a week it has been! Seven days of events and it’s not over yet. It began last Saturday with the Promenade through Bath in Regency dress and I have just finished editing 421 photos (out of the nearly 1,000 which I took!) and put them online. You can find them here along with lots of other events from the Festival.

I will be uploading photos from many other events as I have time to edit them, including last night’s wonderful Masked Ball held in the Pump Rooms. But that was another 1,000 photos so it may take me another week to edit them all :)

Regency ice-skating

Bath on Ice operate an ice-skating rink in the lovely Georgian city of Bath over the holiday period. Various national newspapers had asked for photos and they wanted a way to show off their rink and make it stand out from all others so they contacted the Jane Austen Centre (which is practically just across the road!) to borrow some Regency costumes for their skaters. As the official photog for the Jane Austen Centre, I was asked to take pics.

Lighting: 580ex II bare on camera right, 430ex II bare on camera left (standard cross lighting, as you can clearly see from the shadows!). Triggered with Pocket Wizard Mini-TT1 and Flex-TT5. Bath on Ice wanted shots after dark in order to show off their colourful lights but the newspapers specifically wanted action shots and the rink lights weren’t anything like bright enough for that. So, I had to use a mix of flash and available light. Usually this means a slow shutter speed, to pick up the available light, but I found that below 1/160 I got too much blur. My solution was to use a higher ISO (800) with shutter speeds of 1/160 or 1/200.



Promotional photos for Sense & Sensibility

Promotional photos for Rondo Theatre Company’s production of Sense and Sensibility which will be on in November at the Rondo theatre, Bath. Harriet Pocock as Marianne and Laura Haynes as Elenor.

I used flash on all these photos but balance with the available light (mainly daylight coming through the windows). The play’s director, Louise Wallace, was my VAL (voice activated lightstand) and she did it very well :)

Taken in Dukes Hotel on Great Pultney Street.


Jane Austen Festival in Bath

[UPDATE 13th Feb 2011] I’m now editing some of the video I shot, to make a promotional video for the festival, which will replace the one currently showing in the Jane Austen Centre. I will also make a trailer from that which will be online in a few weeks.

I’ve taken photos of the Jane Austen Festival promenade for the last couple of years and the Jane Austen Centre liked them so much that this year they have hired me to photograph most of the events during the week long festival.

The promenade was a great success again – glorious sunny weather and not too hot. We guess there were more people than last year’s world record of 409 people in Regency dress at one event – the procession held up the traffic in the centre of Bath for ten minutes or so. All ages, creeds, races, etc take part and many of the participants put a lot of effort into their costumes, all of which makes it great fun to photograph.

On the opening Saturday there was also a lunch and craft fair in the afternoon, then a gala evening with entertainment relevant to the era, including an entertaining pastiche of Austen’s works by Tongue Tied Theatre.

Sunday night was a Baroque dance performance by Bath Minuet followed by dancing for all with Bath Minuet teaching the participants some of the dances. Good music, and it was lovely to watch such dances performed well and by dancers in Baroque dress.

Monday night was about Regency food – what were some of the tastes and smells they were used to. I was hoping to get some good reaction shots of people tasting things they didn’t like but most foods were clearly at least “ok”.

I hope to have lots of photos available for people to see and print shortly – I will update this page with a link when they are ready.

I’m also shooting some video of the events and will put that online when I have had a chance to edit it.