Jane Austen Festival 2015 – photos!

The official photos from the Jane Austen Festival 2015 are now online – here are all 1408 of them. I have organised them by event so you have a chance to find yourselves amongst the crowd! The 2015 Festival was a great success, despite some rain as we gathered for the Promenade. Hundreds of people, gorgeous costumes, fascinating events and we even got sunshine at the end of the Promenade – what more could one ask for? Roll on September 2016 when we can do it all again :)

Events included: Promenade, Masked Ball, Country Dance, Bonnet Workshop, Austen Undone!, A Taste of Bath and many more. As always, if I have included a photo of you which you don’t like please let me know and I will remove it.
Jane Austen Festival 2015 - Promenade

Jane Austen Festival 2014 in Bath

JAF - Promenade-2770

What a week it has been! Seven days of events and it’s not over yet. It began last Saturday with the Promenade through Bath in Regency dress and I have just finished editing 421 photos (out of the nearly 1,000 which I took!) and put them online. You can find them here along with lots of other events from the Festival.

I will be uploading photos from many other events as I have time to edit them, including last night’s wonderful Masked Ball held in the Pump Rooms. But that was another 1,000 photos so it may take me another week to edit them all :)

Jane Austen Festival 2011

Complete set of 582 photos is available online.

I spent the last eight days working for the Jane Austen Festival (http://www.janeausten.co.uk/jane-austen-festival/) in Bath, taking photos and video of most of the events. From the Promenade through the streets of Bath on the first Saturday morning to the Finale in the Old Theatre Royal I took over 1800 photos and video clips from 15 separate events. I’ve whittled that down to 620 photos, about half of which I have now edited – once they are all edited I will put them online for people to see and print.

The Festival is a wonderful event to photograph – many participants put huge amounts of work into their Regency costumes which, set against the backdrop of Georgian Bath, makes for images rich in history.

A short video I made from the week’s events can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upFjt8-5Fwo