Butterfly Theatre – Romeo and Juliet at Glastonbury Abbey

I was asked to photograph an outdoor, promenade performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet performed by Butterfly Theatre Company at Glastonbury Abbey. There was a bit of rain at the start but that cleared and didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Here are a few of my favourite shots.

Shakespeare Live – Taming of the Shrew photos and video

Shakespeare Live put on another fine outdoor performance at Lackham college in Wiltshire. This was the fourth year I have taken photos and filmed the play for them, always tricky given our uncertain weather! Outdoor theatre is extra challenging to video because the stage can be very wide and shallow, making it difficult to get a wide shot that isn’t so wide everyone appears tiny, or a side shot that is back-of-the-head rather than over-the-shoulder, but with three cameras and a separate audio recorder I managed to capture everything fairly well. Luckily multi-camera editing is straightforward in Adobe Premiere, so I can usually edit an entire play in less than twice the length of the play (i.e. less than 4 hours for a 2 hour play).

The above photos were all taken during the dress rehearsal. When I video a play I prefer to do so during a performance because the audience reactions improve the video hugely.

Shakespeare in the Park – The Tempest

Each summer Bath Drama and the Rondo Theatre Company put on a joint outdoor production in the Botanical Gardens of Victoria Park in Bath. This year they chose “The Tempest” which was clearly a prophetic choice, given the weather! Luckily only one performance had rain and that only at the beginning.

Zoo Story – promotional photos for a play

Steve Leanaghan, who I’ve photographed in a few plays, asked me to take the promotional photos for he and Paul Dyson’s production of “Zoo Story”, set in Central Park. We used the Botanic Gardens in Bath as the closest we had to Central Park.

family photo shoot in the park

After I had photographed Katie a few weeks ago, her mother asked if I would take photos of the family, to print as a present for their grandmother. There’s a park just across the road from their house so we wandered over there and captured a variety of groups and poses – they’re a fun loving family and really enjoyed playing around for the camera :) We even got Katie’s tiny dog, Charlie, into some of the shots.

These were all taken with the available light. I had my speedlights with me but using them would have complicated things and got in the way of the family just being themselves.

The History of Tom Jones – performance photos

“The History of Tom Jones” by Henry Fielding was performed by members of Bath Drama and the Rondo Theatre Company in the Botanical Gardens section of Victoria Park from 15-18 June 2011. As well as the promotional photos I took back in March, I also got to photograph a rehearsal in the Museum of Bath at Work, and the dress rehearsal in the Botanical Gardens. The costumes for this production were gorgeous and the weather was lovely, at least for the rehearsal – the cast got very wet on at last two of the performances!