Temples of Minerva, the Suffrage movement in Bath

Bath Preservation Trust asked local playwright Alison Farina to create a 20 minute piece about the roll of Bath women in the suffrage movement, as part of marking 100 years since (some) women were given the vote. The idea was to have several performances during the year and to film it for projection the rest of the time. I have worked with Alison on many of her theatre pieces over the years and she recommended me to Bath Preservation Trust as the film maker. The deadlines were quite tight – rehearsals began on Monday, I was to film it on Thursday, edit and deliver on Friday so it could be shown after the first performances on Saturday!

Although the room has been decorated to fit the Georgian era, it does have to allow for museum needs so has electric sockets, alarm units, barred windows, modern glass doors, etc. I did my best to avoid these incongruities but there was no way to avoid the blank area on the wall, where the film is now projected. To keep the light consistent all day we left the windows shuttered and I lit the space with a few LED panels through diffusion on each side of the room (mimicking the windows). I used my Panasonic GH5 to film in 4K and delivered in 1080p on a USB stick with a DVD as backup. I used radio mics on the actors with boom mic as backup in case of rustling.

The film is being shown at No1 for the rest of 2018.

The cast are:
Lady Elizabeth Montagu – Katy Jane (www.katy-jane.com)
Mary Blathwayt – Lizzie Crarer